Actions against the police fees

Private client fees

Narinder Moss our senior partner is in charge of Actions Against the Police cases.  She has over 25 years experience and has conducted a wide variety of cases.

Her hourly charging rate is £225 per hour plus VAT.

Fixed fees short advice.

In suitable cases we are able to offer a short advice on the prospects of your case succeeding. Our fee for this is £500 plus VAT and includes:

  • One  meeting with you to take your instructions
  • Consideration of up to 100 pages of documents
  • Preliminary advice as to your prospects incluidng advice as to whether your case requires counsel’s opinion
  • Advice on the level of compensation you could expect if successful
  • Advice on likely costs and whether the case is suitable for a Conditional Fee agreement or whether more information is required.

Cases conducted at an hourly rate

In more complex cases Narinder will provide a written  estimate of the likely costs for different stages of your case.

The stages are likely to be:

  • Initial assessment and advice
  • Obtaining counsels opinion
  • The issue of proceedings
  • Obtaining expert evidence (where needed)
  • Preparation for trial incluing disclosure and drafting of witness statements
  • Negotiations for settlement
  • Trial conduct and advocacy

We aim to give you clear affordable advice. You can make things much easier and cheaper  if you follow our tips below:

    • If you were prosecuted obtain your file from your criminal solicitors and bring it with you (this will mean we can make progress at the first meeting)
    • If you have already complained bring the decision letter with you
    • If you wish to provide a summary of what happened, make sure it is a factual account of not more than one typed page.
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