Help available for clients wrongly denied tax credit by Concentrix

Tax Credits advice from an expert in the field.

Keith Hollywood our Welfare Benefits expert is expecting a surge in the number of Tax Credit appeals and reviews he is asked to take on. This is because HMRC have finally come to realise that the outsourcing of Tax Credit assessments has led to miscalculations and outright refusal off benefit to applicants who are fully entitled. The BBC has reported the change of heart 

Keith has successfully concluded many tax credit cases and examples can be found in our cases section.

There is a lack of joined up thinking in Government policy on the issue of Welfare Benefits and Tax Credits. On one hand Legal Aid was withdrawn and on the other they brought in contractors who according to HMRC themselves  have failed to deliver an accurate and fair assessment service.

Tax credits can be a major element of applicants income and although legal aid is not available the fees are generally affordable and Keith will speak to prospective clients before any commitment is made.

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