Investigation, advice, action and representation, fixed fees senior lawyer service

We will quote a fixed fee for any pre charge investigation to include a complete assessment of the case by a  senior lawyer, preparation of any documents, attendance at interviews under caution. If appropriate, advice to you and representations to the CPS or prosecuting authority as to why no charges should be preferred.

Our fixed fee will be based on our assessment of the complexity of the work and the amount of time it is likely to take. The fee will not include the costs of instructing counsel unless agreed at the outset. You will be represented by the same lawyer throughout.

We are confident that our charges will compare extremely favourably with other firms offering the same service.

Our rates for senior lawyers are £175 – £200 per hour plus VAT.

Criminal cases Agreed Fixed Fees

(Where not eligible or suitable for Legal Aid)

Is my case suitable for an Agreed Fixed Fee?

We will quote agreed fees for any suitable trial, guilty plea or sentencing hearing in the magistrates court or crown court that is expected to last no longer than one or two days. There are additional fees for longer cases, adjournments and disbursements. We do not guarantee to offer an agreed or fixed fee.  Whether we do will depend on how easy it is for us to predict the amount of work. You can always start with an agreed  fee interview and take it from there.

How much will it cost?

We have conducted thousands of criminal cases and developed our hourly rates and agreed fixed fees based on this experience. You can be certain that your costs will be no more than what we estimate or have agreed with you in writing.

We require payment in full before the final hearing of your case. This should be made when you sign your agreement. Payments can be made by credit card, debit card, cheque, or cash (maximum £1,000.)

Who will represent me?

At court you will be represented by the solicitor preparing your case or one of our specialist advocates. For some matters, a barrister may be instructed.

The small print

You will be given our terms of business contract for signature, which will be either for an agreed fixed fee or will set out our hourly rates and an estimate of your total costs. The contract includes full details of who will be working on your case and also important information about our client care and complaints procedures. Your case will be prepared by one of our solicitors in the criminal department. They will interview you, contact any witnesses you may have, instruct experts, such as doctors or accident specialists if needed, and keep you fully informed of the progress of your case.

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Criminal cases fixed fee menu

Type Magistrates Court Suitable Crown Court Cases
Guilty pleas £875 £1500
Each further adjourned hearing £500 £750
Not guilty pleas (one-day trial) £1750 £2500
Trial each further day £600 £1000
Attend you once and provide a single  written advice concerning your fraud investigation or other crime case inc interview in person by phone or Skype £350 £350
Fully advise and attend with you at a Benefit Fraud or Over payment interview.* £750 NA

NB: All costs are exclusive of VAT

Disbursements, such as medical and expert reports, are charged at cost.

If you are found ‘not guilty’ we will apply for a costs order although you will only be able to recover your costs at Legal Aid rates. In the Crown Court you will only be able to recover costs if you have been refused Legal Aid.

What if my case is not suitable for a fixed fee?

Some cases are more complex, such as some forfeiture and confiscation cases and serious matters in the crown court where expert evidence is needed or there are many witnesses. We will provide a detailed estimate of your likely costs at hourly rates which are currentl £175 for a solicitor and £200 for a partner.

*Benefits investigations

Our representation includes: taking clients’ instructions, advising and attending DWP interviews. Drafting letter-making representations to discontinue or for administrative penalty after Interview is charged in addition at £175 per hour where required.

Legal Aid

Police stations – representation at police stations is not means tested and, as such, there is no charge. If you would prefer to use a senior lawyer we can provide this on a private basis.

In most cases we are pleased to act under a Legal Aid certificate, if you are eligible.

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