Assault and Offences Against the Person

Assaults are among the commonest criminal charges brought before the courts. Moss & Co have extensive experience representing clients accused of all levels of assault.

Section 18 GBH with intent

This offence can only be tried in the Crown Court. The prosecution will have to prove that the defendant caused the victim really serious harm.

A broken bone, penetrating wound, damage to an eye or nose or concussive injury are common examples.

Section 20 GBH

The prosecution do not have to prove intent to obtain a conviction.  The offence is sometimes called malicious wounding.

Section 47 ABH

The prosecution will have to prove an assault which causes some bodily injury, cuts, bruising, a black eye even psychological injury, such as PTSD can all amount to ABH.


For an assault the prosecution will have to prove that the victim apprehended unlawful violence. For the battery unlawful force must have been used.

Defences to these charges range from self defence to mistaken identity and in some cases a complete denial that the event took place at all.

Domestic violence will be prosecuted under one of the above charges.  If as is usual Common Assault is charged then the matter will be tried in the magistrates’ court.  The other charges can be tried in the Crown Court if the magistrates consider the matter too serious for them to deal with or if the defendant wishes to have a jury hear their case.

Moss & Co provide free 24 hour police station advice.  We will be pleased to advise and assist you even if the duty solicitor attended the police station. Contact our 24 hour hotline on 0208 533 0615 at any time to speak to one of our expert criminal solicitors. We promise  you will get the very best advice

We cover all types of criminal offences but have special expertise in investigations and prosecutions for:

  • Assault - GBH, ABH
  • Murder
  • Benefits Fraud
  • Fraud
  • Housing Fraud prosecutions
  • Conspiracy charges
  • Firearms offences
  • Drugs offences including importation and supply
  • People trafficking
  • Theft
  • Benefit fraud
  • Sexual offences
  • Indecent images
  • Offences against children
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