Criminal Law

We boast significant experience in this field and provide a whole range of legal services. Over the years, our expert solicitors have successfully defended thousands of clients.

We believe that anybody who is accused of a crime should be entitled to a strong and committed defence. From minor infringements to the most serious offences, we can provide clear and straightforward advice as soon as you need it. We can represent you in: Crown Court Cases (for the most serious criminal cases), Crown Court Appeals (from decisions in the Magistrates Court), Magistrates Court cases for less serious cases and most driving matters and The Court of Appeal (on appeal from the Crown Court). We can attend and provide advice at: Police stations, Benefit fraud interviews, Customs and Excise custody suites and Local Authority interviews for Housing Fraud.
All crime types All crime types

Our expertise covers all criminal offences and we have particular specialist experience of investigations and prosecutions for: Murder and offences against the person GBH, ABH, Assaultfraud, conspiracy charges, firearms offences, drugs offences including importation and supply, people trafficking, theft, benefit fraud,  Housing Fraud prosecutions, sexual offencesindecent images and offences against children.

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Proceeds of Crime Proceeds of Crime

The Proceeds of Crime Act and the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act provide very powerful tools to seize assets.

Our experts will do all they can to defend your assets and seek their return where forfeiture applications are made.

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Driving offences Driving offences

We recognise that a whole a host of offences fall within the category of motoring ranging from speeding through to causing death by dangerous driving.

Motoring law can be complex and technical and, as a result, it is vital cases are thoroughly prepared as far in advance of a hearing, as possible.

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