Landlords prosecutions

The lettings market can be a minefield to negotiate – not least because of constant changes in housing law.

This is the case, whether you are a landlord who has entered through the buy to let market with a portfolio of 1-5 properties or a professional landlord with much larger holdings. There are pitfalls even if you are a homeowner renting out your home for a few months. How do you keep abreast of developments in landlord and tenant legislation?

By working with a well-established, professional organisation, such as Moss & Co, landlords can benefit from our nationwide coverage and expert knowledge. We offer a range of tailored services and property management expertise to landlords.

Our approach means that we work on getting to know your needs and the needs of your properties so that we can ensure our service is catered to your individual requirements.

We can help with:

Possession claims – sometimes you just need to get your property back. The rent is unpaid, there is damage or the contract has ended. We will guide you through the pitfalls and make sure you gain possession as quickly and economically as possible. We provide a full service from Notice to Bailiff (if required). Disrepair Claims and Counterclaims – Beware section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 which requires you to keep your rented property in good repair. Tenants sometimes bring claims and counterclaims seeking to offset rent or obtain compensation. Our 20+ years experience means we know how to defend these cases. Allegations of Illegal eviction These are serious cases in both the criminal and civil Courts. Compensation in the County Court can be many thousands of pounds. We can advise you how to defend the claim or reduce your liability. If you have been charged Magistrates Courts can impose imprisonment in bad cases . We know the law inside out and can advise and represent you in these stressful and important matters.
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We have conducted thousands of cases for Landlords and developed our hourly rates and capped fees based on this experience. You can be certain that your costs will be no more than what we estimate or have agreed with you in writing. View Fees