Why should I have to pay for Legal Advice on my ESA or DLA Appeal?

ESA and DLA appeals

I have been watching the data on our Website. Many people are interested in DLA and ESA appeals but are reluctant to risk their carefully budgeted funds on legal advice.  There are two main reasons for this:

 Until 1st April 2013  Benefits claimants were entitled to free legal advice under the Legal Help Scheme.  Unfortunately this is no longer the case and excepting high level appeals to the Upper Tribunal Legal Aid is no longer available for any benefits case.

  •  Claimants are frightened that they will not get a good return on the fees they pay.
  • We cannot change the rules but we have tried to make advice available at rates which claimants can afford.  We believe in access to justice and understand that money is tight.  Fees can be paid by installments.

 Benefits appeals where the person is legally advised and helped to prepare their case have a much higher success rate then where they “go it alone”.

 So claimants should think twice before deciding its not worth the candle.  We will tell you if your case is not worth pursuing and a successful appeal will certainly brighten your  life. Look at our benefits’ case outcomes here.


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