Police Station Representation

Criminal cases can be won and lost in the police station

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Moss & Co have been representing suspects at police stations for over 25 years. We have advised clients in thousands of interviews under caution for offences including murder, serious fraud, drugs and major fraud investigations. We have extensive experience of dealing with high ranking investigating officers. We always protect our client’s best interests. Getting expert legal advice from Moss & Co Solicitors may make all the difference between being charged and released. Decisions taken at the police station really can win or lose your case.

Facing a criminal charge is bound to be stressful. The first thing to do is to stay calm and make sure that you have the support of a qualified police station specialist. Trust your advisor and remember that you do not have to prove anything. The police have arrested you and they must prove their case. You are innocent until and unless you are found guilty. At the police station our first aim is to stop you being charged.

What is a lawful Arrest?

The police must caution you before arrest.  They can only make an arrest if they have reasonable grounds to suspect a criminal offence has or is about to committed. The Police can also arrest you if they have a warrant or if you give them a false or name and address. Sometimes police can arrest someone who they think is danger to themselves or others.

Your rights

You must be taken to a police station promptly.

You must be offered and should accept the services of a criminal defence solicitor our 24/7 number for police station emergency call out is:

0208 533 0615

You must be allowed to inform someone of your arrest unless to do so might interfere with the investigation or the arrest of others.

Right to Silence

You have the right to remain silent. You may demand legal representation and may not be interviewed until your representative arrives. Ask for Moss & Co, we aim to be at the police station as quickly as possible. You can speak to your lawyer on the telephone for initial advice shortly after arriving at the police station. Keep asking and make sure you get to speak to us we are available 24 hours a day.

Voluntary Police Interviews

Sometime the police will invite you in for interview. Contact us immediately if this happens. We can call the officer and arrange a time suitable for you to attend with legal representation. We can also get information form the police and give you comprehensive advice at our offices.

Legal advice is important so that you do answer questions to try and get out of the station as quickly as possible. Go with a lawyer and your chances of a positive outcome are much improved.

You should let us take the strain we have extensive experience of dealing with police investigations and a police interview is one of those times when you really should let the experts handle it.

Sometimes we will advise you to make a written statement giving your response to the accusations. We will draft this with you and make sure you have time to write  the very best statement in support of your case.

London Police Stations we cover:

We will travel to any London police station. Contact details if you want to speak to someone in custody are below:

Stoke Newington

Islington / Holloway 


Barking Police Station

Belgravia Police Station

Bexleyheath Police Station

Charing Cross Police Station

Colindale Police Station

Dagenham Police Station

Paddington Green Police Station

West End Central Police Station

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