Liar, ITV’s new 6-part drama, is gripping the nation. People are already reaching conclusions as to whether Laura, played by the actress Joanne Froggatt is telling the truth when she accuses surgeon Andrew of raping her.

For most of us, this is highly watchable drama as we flip flop between whom we believe, our perceptions changed over time by the sophisticated script and device plots.

It is no surprise that some people have formed an opinion already, and recent research demonstrated that half of the jurors might reach a guilty verdict before even going to deliberate with other jurors.

We know that people are on occasion willing to change their minds, just as you might when the plot unfolds.

Rape charges are not only on the TV. Some people have to defend themselves. If that happens it is vital  that your solicitors advance a strong case from the beginning. Successful defence lies in  laying a solid foundation from the start..

Our Role

For our clients and their families, facing an accusation of rape or other sexual crime can be a horrendous experience. So, what is our role and how do we defend such cases?

Reactive and Proactive

Always start with a reactive approach. The complainant states they were drunk, our client states they were in fact sober. The defendant entered the bedroom uninvited says one person, we were invited in, says our client, and so on.

An effective  defence starts with this important work. Unfortunately  we do not have the benefit of the incident in question playing before us on a TV screen, with the truth revealed at the end.

Instead we have the competing versions of prosecution and defence. It might feel as if it is simply one word against another, and often it is unless you seek further evidence.

So a proactive approach to case preparation really makes a difference. We always ensure that:

  • All relevant witnesses traced.
  • Full proofs and comments on the evidence prepared
  • Any CCTV evidence secured.
  • Forensic evidence analysed.
  • Background checks completed.
  • Details of false allegations pursued.
  • Options as to advocate discussed

and even, as already shown  in Liar, any psychiatric issues are explored.

Legal proceedings will be stressful for you and  your family; Moss & Co  will offer a professional, compassionate and reassuring voice at a time when the future may at times appear very dark.

Our Services

Moss & Co Solicitors has decades of experience in defending cases of this type.

Before you appoint a solicitor come and meet us, get a feel for our personalised  approach  to your case and our work ethic. Be sure you are confident that you are receiving the best defence possible.

You only get one chance to get this right, so the alternative is unthinkable.

We offer private client services at affordable rates. We are pleased to offer pre charge advice on a private basis and will, if appropriate,  make representations to the CPS as to why you should not be charged.

So, if you are arrested for, or charged with rape or any sexual offence, call Narinder Moss, Jamie Ritchie or Keith Hollywood on 020 8986 8336 to arrange an appointment, or e mail [email protected] and we will make sure you get to speak to one of our criminal defence experts and arrange an appointment for you. We do not charge for initial telephone consultations and our fees are surprisingly competitive. We may be able to offer fixed or capped fees depending on the case. For more complex cases where you have already been charged we may agree to take the case under legal aid.

Jamie Ritchie one of Criminal law experts and partner

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