What you need to know about Housing Fraud

The law is set out in the Social Housing (Prevention of Fraud) Act 2013

We have noticed that we are receiving more and more instructions to act in Housing Fraud and unlawful subletting cases. Often clients come to us when called for an interview by the council or housing association. It seems that it has taken two years for the social landlords to start using the powers they have been given. It is essential that you receive legal advice before attending the interview. The investigators will have more information than you can imagine and you need to know what they know. We can find that out for you. Our fees are very reasonable and you will have the benefit of advice from lawyers who are BOTH criminal and housing law experts.  Our fees are here View fees. We offer an all inclusive affordable price which includes:

  • Seeing you at the office
  • Advising on your case
  • Reading all the documents
  • Attending any housing fraud  Interview
  • Our fees

If after the interview no further action is taken then that is the end of the matter. If it appears that you may be prosecuted then we can make representations on your behalf and start negotiations to try and avoid your being charged. In all cases we have done to date these negotiations have been successful. This post interview work is charged at an hourly rate.

There are two main types of housing fraud:

Firstly subletting your council or housing association home without the written permission of the landlord. This is a new offence created by the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act 2103. The consequences can be serious and include:
  • An order for you to pay your landlord a sum equivalent to all the profit over the last 3 years
  • A term of imprisonment
  • Loss of your property
We are experts in both housing and crime and if you are under investigation or charged with this offence we strongly advise you to contact us at once. Read our blog about this offence here. Secondly, obtaining a tenancy by deception. These case usually arise out of homelessness applications where other accommodation is found to exist and false information has been given on the application form.

We will represent your very best interests. You will get:

  • Full advice on your case
  • Full disclosure of the evidence against you
  • Attendance and advice at the interview
  • Post interview advice
  • Representation where required

So call Narinder or Laura  now or request a call back. Legal Aid may be available and there is no charge for the initial telephone advice. You may find that one call will put your heart at rest.

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