Benefit Fraud Slough

Moss & Co are able to give their full benefit fraud investigation expertise  to the residents of Slough.  You will get the expert services of a London firm who will see you in Slough and represent you at the Slough benefit office if you are interviewed under caution.

Claimants, who are being investigated for benefits fraud and overpayments in Slough, will usually be expected to attend an interview with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) or the Local Authority.

Individuals are often notified about the interview, which will be under caution, by letter. It is essential they do not attend these investigations alone and that they seek legal representation immediately.

Making sure the matter is handled properly at this early stage will, in some cases, avoid prosecution and result in a civil penalty being negotiated.

Call us to make an appointment. If you are eligible for Legal Aid there will be no charge. We can also represent you at the interview on an affordable fixed fee basis.

You should read our Recent Cases and Blog pages which will give you a real feel for how we go about our work.  We are not a sausage factory Legal Aid firm.  We apply our legal skill, gained over many years to every case.  Benefits prosecutions are the flavour of the year for this government.

We will speak without charge to anyone facing investigation so contact us on the form below if you need advice or help in connection with:

  • A Benefit fraud interview
  •  A letter inviting you to an interview under caution
  • An alleged over payment
  • A court summons or charge

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Our Fees

Legal Aid may be available for Investigations and prosecutions.  Legal Aid will be available if you are on some benefits. If you are not eligible we will tell you how our fees are charged before you instruct us. We operate a transparent and affordable pricing structure for:
  • Attending a DWP Interview
  • Attending a Local Authority Interview
Do not attend an interview without getting advice - you will probably regret it.     View fees