As a tenant, you may experience disputes with your landlord. We are on hand to advise you on your options and deal with any resulting action, such as court proceedings, to ultimately resolve your dispute.

We offer extensive information about tenant rights and can provide as much, or as little guidance or support, as you need. By enlisting professional help, you are also provided with peace of mind you are being fully supported, every step of the way.

Evictions and possession proceedings

We have been successfully helping tenants avoid possession and eviction for more than 20 years.

Life can be tough, and sometimes this involves people falling behind with their rent or mortgage payments. We can help you to avoid eviction whatever the circumstances.

Consult us as soon as you know you may be evicted.

There are very few cases where we cannot help. Over the last 20 years we’ve represented thousands of people, who have faced eviction, and the cases we’ve lost, are in single figures.

Contact us on 0208 986 8336 if you are facing eviction. If your eviction is imminent or you have a court date, we will provide you with the immediate response you need by scheduling an emergency appointment.

Possession cases

If your landlord is trying to repossess your home you need to seek expert advice immediately.

We can often defend arrears cases if you have disrepair at the premises, your housing benefit has not been properly calculated or your landlord has not served all of the proper notices.

It is vital you do not attend possession proceedings unrepresented – contact us.

Illegal evictions

If you have been evicted without a court order then your landlord may have acted illegally and you may be entitled to an order for re-entry and compensation. We can help with this.


Your landlord is responsible for keeping your property in good repair. This is the case for all council, housing association and private tenants.

If you are suffering from damp, leaking rooms, faulty heating and plumbing systems, rotten woodwork, doors or windows, or any serious structural problem, we can assert your right to have your property put back in good repair. This is legally enforceable.

We can help you ensure your landlord carries out repairs and you could even be entitled to compensation.


We have specialist experience of dealing with all types of homelessness cases. Councils have a legal obligation under the Housing Act 1996 to provide homes for certain categories of people. We can help with your application and assist you in challenging refusals to provide accommodation.

Whatever your housing issue, we offer a comprehensive service where we can either manage the entire process, or help you with what you need us to do. Call us for a preliminary discussion.

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We have conducted thousands of cases for Tenants and developed our hourly rates and capped fees based on this experience. You can be certain that your costs will be no more than what we estimate or have agreed with you in writing. Legal Aid is available subject to means. View Fees