Private Client Investigations

Our experience

Moss & Co are criminal law specialists and have been since 1993. Our private client practice has developed steadily over the years in tandem with the work we do under legal aid. There was a time when private and legally aided cases were handled in much the same way. Unfortunately, legal aid is now very poorly paid and although we can and do provide a high-quality service to legally aided clients it would not be right to say that it is the same level of service that private instruction allows. We have expertise in every field of criminal law. We understand that all criminal allegations are serious for the person being investigated or facing charges. We have represented professional and non-professional alike where livelihood and reputation is at stake.

We have solicitors with expertise in:

  • Bank fraud and money laundering
  • Tenancy and benefit fraud
  • Firearms offences
  • Drugs offences
  • Murder, GBH and assaults
  • Robbery and theft
  • POCA Confiscation orders
  • Sexual offences

What next

Our private client service ensures that senior solicitors and partners conduct your case. They have the relevant expertise and if you instruct them before charge they will do everything they can to avoid prosecution or secure your interests at this stage. They will attend interviews; draft prepared statements; interview witnesses and secure helpful evidence. You will be able to select experts regardless of fee limits. If you need to use counsel, then more senior and experienced advocates are available to the private client. Above all else they will engage with you to develop an ongoing strategy for your case.



Lawyers are often attacked for not being transparent about fees. We have always been completely open and published our hourly rates and fixed fees. We believe our rates are very good value. If we agree a fixed fee or unbundled menu option, then that is what you will pay. Your liability is set out in the retainer that you sign with us at the start of the case. If your case is conducted under hourly rates, then we will give you an estimate of the time we expect to spend and the likely cost. This may have to be revised if there is a major change in the work to be done. We may give you estimates for the different stages of a case.

Recovering your costs

If you win your case in the magistrate’s court you may be able to recover some of your costs. However, you should always remember that a defendant’s costs order is always in the discretion of the court. Further you can only recover at legal aid rates. You will not be able to recover any of your costs in the Crown Court unless you have applied for and been refused legal aid. In pre-charge and investigation cases there is no provision at all for you to recover your costs. However, where it can be shown that you have been maliciously prosecuted or falsely imprisoned you may be able to bring an entirely separate claim for compensation. Moss & Co have a specialist department for these claims.

We are also often instructed for mitigation on sentence, including special reasons driving cases, and to advise and represent private clients on appeal.

The three main types of cases services for private clients are below:

Private Criminal Work Private Criminal Work Choosing to instruct us privately for a variety of reasons including a premium service.   Read More
Investigation & Interview Investigation & Interview No better way to defeat a criminal prosecution than to stop a case before being charged.   Read More
Magistrates or Crown Magistrates or Crown Choosing to defend a case in the Magistrates Court or in the Crown Court.   Read More