Private Criminal Work

Many clients choose to instruct us privately. They do this for a variety of reasons including a desire for a premium service; to increase their chances of not being prosecuted; to improve their chances of being found not guilty and if pleading guilty to reduce sentence. Sometimes clients just wish to keep their financial affairs private.

What to look out for

Criminal defence solicitors’ charges vary from the unrealistically cheap to eye-wateringly expensive. Almost all the value in paying privately lies in using a solicitor who has the right experience. You can pay a fortune to a central London firm but if the case you face is not important to them or is not one they have handled many times before you will not get the results you have paid for. The main criterion must be that your solicitor has experience of your type of case. You need a solicitor who understands the tactics and strategies that can be used to obtain the very best possible outcome. If you want an idea of the range of cases our senior solicitors have worked on look at their cases and their profiles. You can see our fees here.

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