Benefits Fraud

We are the experts in advising and defending clients accused of Benefit Fraud.  Our solicitors have a comprehensive knowledge of benefits law and over 10 years experience of attending on DWP and Housing Benefit Fraud interviews.

Our specialist team is experienced in both Criminal Law and Benefits Law. This means that we are uniquely placed to help you with your fraud investigation.

See our cases for examples which show that we use all aspects of Benefits law to defend our clients. Or look at our Blog. If legal Aid is not available then  our fees are very reasonable.

Our service includes taking your initial instructions; contacting the DWP or Housing Benefit office; obtaining full disclosure of the allegation against you; attending at the interview where we will advise and assist you throughout. You do not need to face this stressful problem alone.  Let us take the strain and make sure you get the very best possible outcome.


Some  organisations are offering advice on the web which look like solicitors firms but are not. Be very careful before using them. Think had before parting with your money. You will not get the same level of service as you will get from a good firm of solicitors , it will  be very much more expensive as there are no controls on how they charge. You may be tempted by a free or low cost initial interview but added charges soon mount up. You will almost certainly get poor advice.  They may try and lure you in by telling  you that they will arrange things so that you do not have to go to the interview. They do not tell you the alternative which is that you are likely to be  arrested.

We are a fully qualified solicitors firm specialising in Benefits Fraud, Investigations and Crime. We are regulated and insured. The advice we give has to be in your best interests and we have to be clear about our charges when Legal Aid is not available. We always attend the interview to protect your interests; any organisation that does not do this is not worth using.

We will speak to anyone facing investigation so call us or  contact us on the form below if you need advice or help in connection with:

  • A Benefit fraud interview
  • A letter inviting you to an interview under caution
  • An alleged over payment
  • A court summons or charge

Call now or on 0208 986 8336 or contact us to make an appointment.

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Our Fees

Legal Aid may be available for Investigations and prosecutions. If you are not eligible our fees for attending the interview are reasonable.  We operate a completely transparent and affordable pricing structure for:
  • Attending a DWP Interview
  • Attending a Local Authority Interview
  • Representation at court
Do not attend an interview without getting advice - you will probably regret it.     View fees