Benefits Overpayments

A letter asking you to repay benefits can be the first step in a fraud investigation.  It is important that you do not accept the overpayment without first getting advice.  The letter requesting repayment will usually set out the grounds on which the repayment is being asked for.  Examples might include that you had undeclared capital over the benefit limit, that you were living with a partner which should have been declared or that you have not disclosed paid work or that you have other undisclosed income.  If you get a demand for repayment contact us at once.  We can advise you fully on the regulations, your position including the likelihood of prosecution. We may even be able to head the problem off with an administrative penalty.  Legal Aid would not be available unless there was an interview but our fees are very reasonable.


We will speak without charge to anyone facing investigation so contact us on the form below if you need advice or help in connection with:

  • A Benefit fraud interview
  •  A letter inviting you to an interview under caution
  • An alleged over payment
  • A court summons or charge

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Our Fees

Legal Aid may be available for Investigations and prosecutions. If you are not eligible we will tell you how our fees are charged before you instruct us. We operate a transparent and affordable pricing structure for:
  • Attending a DWP Interview
  • Attending a Local Authority Interview
Do not attend an interview without getting advice - you will probably regret it.     View fees